The Writing Center in Your Classroom

How to talk to your students about the writing center

Students are more likely to use the services of the Writing Center or Oral Communication Consultants if they feel more familiar with the service and realize that you think our resources are important for their success in the course. ​

We have three things to help you and your students learn about our services! 

The first is a tip sheet for faculty: Ten Ways to Work with the Writing Center to Support your Students. This resource was designed to give faculty ideas for how to best promote our services to your classes.

If you want to show your students a video about the writing center, we offer this 8 minute powerpoint show with a recorded voiceover: UD Writing Center intro Fall 2021.ppsx. Feel free to show it in class or post it on Canvas and ask students to watch it. 

Finally, this tutorial video provides a 90 second overview of the services of the Oral Communication Consultants and how to make an appointment. 

If you or your students have follow up questions, please email Director Jennifer Follett ( for questions about writing tutoring or  Associate Director Nicholas Gadino ( for questions about oral communication consulting. We would be happy to write a response for you to share with your students.

Full Semester Writing Fellows

​This service is so important it has its own page! Read more about Writing Fellows here

Other One-Time or Short Term Services

​The Writing Center also offers:

Short Term Writing Fellows and Short Term Oral Communication Fellows. A short-term fellow would be attached to your course for 2-4 weeks (depending on your need), providing support like feedback to your students on writing or speaking projects and assistance during peer response. You can read more about full semester and short term fellow on our Writing Fellows page. 

Help with Online Peer Response. The Writing Center can send either Writing Tutors or Oral Communication Consultants to help you facilitate peer response during an online class session. 

Other things? If you imagine another way Writing Tutors or Oral Communication Consultants could help your class during a single class period or for a few weeks, go ahead and pitch it to us! We’ll see what we can do.

To request a short-term fellow or other in class support, complete this request form. We typically need at least 2 weeks notice to provide an in-class service. No in-class services are available during the first week of classes.