Fellows Programs

As part of its efforts to support the teaching of writing and multimodal communication, the UD Writing Center trains undergraduate writing fellows and oral communication fellows to assist full-time faculty members with the instruction of writing in both fall and spring courses throughout the University curriculum.

Fellows attend class meetings; meet with students individually or in small groups to discuss their drafts; facilitate peer response and discussions; and offer feedback to the professor on writing or speaking assignments and students’ progress. Working with a writing or oral communication fellow is a bit like working with an undergraduate teaching assistant, except that fellows are not responsible for grading.

Please check out the Fellows Program Handbook to read more about what fellows can do and what a commitment to a fellow would mean for you. 

To request a writing fellow for the fall 2024 semester, complete the Fall 2024 Writing Fellow Request.

To request an oral communication fellow for fall 2024, email Nick Gadino, Associate Director for Communication Studies, at ngadino@udel.edu.