Oral Communications Consultants

Our consultants provide individualized feedback on any stage of the speech preparation process.

The Oral Communication Consultants (OCC) are undergraduate peer tutors who are able to assist UD undergraduate and graduate students with any stage of the speech preparation process. From in-class speeches to research presentations to podcasting or other multimedia assignments, the OCC provides one-to-one consultations specific to your goals, challenges, and skills. 

Topics that may be covered within one-to-one consultations include:

  • Delivery essentials (Voice, Body Positioning, Hand Gestures, Eye Contact)
  • Effective visual aids (PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote)
  • Refining your thesis
  • Organizing your outline
  • Persuading your audience
  • Crafting a strong introduction and conclusion
  • Effective transitions statements
  • Proper use of oral citations
  • Speech anxiety reduction techniques

To register for an OCC appointment, please visit our Online Scheduler​ and select the “Oral Communication Consultants” schedule from the menu. If this your first time using the Writing Center Scheduling System, please register for an account before attempting to log in.​ This tutorial video provides step by step instructions on how to make an appointment with the OCC.

Additional OCC Services

In addition to one-to-one consultations, the OCC offers workshops as a part of the Writing Center’s Workshop Series and consults on communication initiatives across campus. For more information on our services and how we can best assist you, please contact Nicholas Gadino (ngadino@udel.edu)  Writing Center Associate Director for Communication Studies.​