What services does the Writing Center offer?

We offer free individual and small-group tutoring, workshops on writing, and other writing support to all UD students. 

Can I just drop in or do I need an appointment?

​For most of our tutoring sessions, you’ll need an appointment. But, feel free to stop by the Writing Center to see if a tutor is free–if they are, they’ll work with you right away. If not, they’ll help you make an appointment for another time.

The one exception is our virtual Drop-In Hours. These will be offered around midsemester and the end of the semester, when many writing projects are due. When drop-in hours are available, the link will appear on our main page.

What should students bring to a Writing Center appointment?

Students should bring everything related to the assignment, including a draft of their paper, the assignment sheet if they are working on a formal essay, related notes and pertinent texts. If you make an etutoring appointment, it would help us if you would attach an assignment sheet or any written instructions you have along with your draft.

Will my professor be notified when I attend the Writing Centers?

If you would like. Visits to the Writing Centers are confidential unless a student gives permission to notify their instructor. However, we find that many professors are pleased when students show initiative and investment in their writing by attending the Writing Centers.

How much does it cost?

All services that the Writing Centers provide are free.​

How can students make an appointment for a tutorial?

​The easiest and quickest way to make an appointment is to visit our online scheduler.​ 

What happens in an online tutoring session? How is etutoring different?

Appointments with our writing staff are 45-50 minutes long. Appointments with our Oral Communication Consultants are 25 minutes long.

Our in person and live online tutorials are highly conversational. You can expect to talk about your concerns for the paper  or assignment. 

If you have a real time online appointment, you’ll log in at your appointment start time and your tutor will talk you through how to share your draft with them. You will both spend time reading, talking, and working on revisions together. 

In an etutoring appointment, you will upload your draft as a Word document to your appointment in advance of the start time of the appointment. The tutor will use the hour of the appointment to read your draft and write comments. You should receive your draft with comments at the end time of the appointment. If you do not receive your draft and comments then, please email writing-center@udel.edu to let us know there is a problem.

Are the Writing Centers only for students with writing problems?

The Writing Centers offer assistance with students at all stages of writing excellence. Many of our tutorials involve students who want to make a good paper better or who are looking for someone to discuss various writing strategies.​

Do the Writing Centers work with non-native speaking students?

All of our tutors are trained to work with students who are using English as a second language.​

Can I bring in a paper for a friend or classmate?

​The original author of the paper must be present to receive a consultation from one of our peer tutors. We cannot provide consultations to those seeking assistance for another individual. In the case of group papers, we ask that all of the contributing authors of the selected piece or section be present in order to provide adequate feedback.

Where are the graduate student writing tutors located?

Graduate writing tutors will meet with writers in Morris Library 017 for in person appointments. They will also be available for real time online and etutoring appointments.